Part Number: PT-1200

10BASE-T1S Network Interfacer


Product Description

The future of Automotive networking is undergoing a transformative shift, where the convergence of point-to-point and Bus topologies is now a reality. In response to this, we introduce our novel 10BASE-T1S Network Interfacer, an innovative Ethernet bridge that closes the gap between these two evolving technologies. 

With a total of 5 Ethernet ports, our Interfacer acts as a communication hub, seamlessly routing data between 10BASE-T1S and point-to-point ports. 

Users have the freedom to configure the 10BASE-T1S ports as coordinators or followers, while also configuring network parameters such as Node Count or Node ID values or even bus termination. These can be made using either the device’s convenient DIP switches or the intuitive WEB GUI interface. This allows to customize the behavior and performance of the 10BASE-T1S ports to align precisely with your specific network requirements by configuring standard parameters. 

Moreover, traffic distribution configuration provides flexibility for advanced network setups, robust monitoring, and in-depth analysis. You can easily monitor and analyze traffic on 10BASE-T1S ports by mirroring it to designated ports, which allows troubleshooting, performance analysis, and network monitoring. 

Remote firmware updates are supported through a user-friendly website, simplifying the process of ensuring your device is always equipped with the latest firmware enhancements.  

Seamlessly integrating with other products, our 10BASE-T1S Interfacer empowers you to create expansive simulation, monitoring, and analysis systems, making it an indispensable tool for shaping the future of automotive networking. 

Technical data


  • 3 x 10BASE-T1S ports with MQS connector 
  • 6 x Status LEDs 
  • 4 x DIP switch for configuration of 1st 10BASE-T1S port 
  • 1 × USB-C Ethernet port  
  • 1 × RJ-45 for 100/1000BASE-T Standard Ethernet 
  • 1 × Standard SFP port  
  • Factory reset button 
  • Voltage range: 6 V to 30 V DC (typ. 12V) 
  • Power consumption: 5 to 10 Watt  
  • Robust metal case with black powder-coating 
  • Size: 99.5 × 93 × 32 mm     


  • Up to 3x 10BASE-T1S ports acting as coordinator or follower 
  • PLCA (Physical Layer Collision Avoidance) Support 
  • Easy configuration via web server or dedicated UDP frames  
  • High-speed startup  
  • DIP switch for manual configuration of the device 10BASE-T1S ports 
  • Port routing and egress configuration 
  • Custom Frame generator 
  • Advanced diagnostics  
  • Extended power mode for car integration 


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