Technica Engineering´s new generation of hardware devices, the Capture Modules, feature important characteristics that differentiate them from regular Active Taps. The product family of the Capture Module IVN technologies offers five variants to cover different bandwidths of Automotive Ethernet (100BASE-T1 and 1000BASE-T1), as well as common IVN technologies (CAN, CAN-FD, FlexRay, LIN).

Technica Engineering’s Capture Modules are designed to solve the challenge of lost messages in the logging system, which might occur due to a lack of performance, slow startup time or other reasons. Further, the Capture Modules introduce time synchronization according to 802.1AS. The main use case of our Capture Modules is that messages from a variety of bus topologies are captured, timestamped (the same timestamp across different bus systems) and sent forward to a data logger or test PC. The logging device receives one stream of data which is load balanced by traffic shaping and hence has no bursts in the data transmission that might lead to a loss of information. The fast startup time and startup buffer are helpful to capture all traffic directly at the startup of your ECUs.

Our Capture Modules offer a modular and scalable system, capturing all the relevant In-Vehicle-Traffic with a reliable and precise time stamp. Using time aware injection, the traffic is captured without causing interference on the network and is delivered with a 40 ns resolution hardware time stamp, making the analysis of AVB/ TSN traffic possible.

Today’s state-of-the-art E/E systems require the fulfillment of different safety levels, based on ISO 26262. Our devices can be used in any such vehicle, regardless of the ASIL level of the communication segment that is being used (as long as the systems are developed following state-of-the-art design standards).

Using 802.1AS, the time synchronization within a test setup of multiple devices is ensured. The built-in synchronization using 802.1AS allows for simultaneous use of different Capture Modules, enabling the cascading of devices. This is especially helpful in a setup where many ports have to be captured, or if you want to log data streams from different bus topologies.

The Capture Modules provide all logged data in standard Ethernet frames via the Technically Enhanced Capture Modules Protocol (TECMP) and thus allow for the traceability of the source of traffic, on-the-source timestamp, packet counters, etc. This makes Ethernet the ideal logging network technology, so any Ethernet-capable device can be used to store the captured data.

Via the Capture Modules’ built-in webserver, the devices can easily be configured. Additionally, the devices include a rotary switch for the manual configuration of their IP addresses. The Capture Module IVN technologies include a Startup Buffer and High-Speed Startup feature, so the initial communication right at the startup of the test system is instantly captured. This way, the devices can record all the important information emitted by the vehicle systems directly at the startup of ECUs, without missing any message in the communication between the devices.

All in all, Technica Engineering´s new generation of hardware devices, the Capture Modules, offer a highly innovative and unique traffic capturing solution, with exclusive characteristics adapted to the current technological requirements in the automotive field. Many additional features make them a great choice for a variety of testing tasks.

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