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The Media Converters of Technica Engineering are hardware devices that establish a physical layer conversion between Automotive Ethernet connections (100BASE-T1 or 1000BASE-T1) and any device with a standard Ethernet Network Interface Card (NIC) with an RJ-45 connector.

Our Media Converters are available in different form factors for different use cases (MATEnet, H-MTD, EMC, RJ-45, USB-LAN). All of our MediaConverters provide direct point-to-point conversion. They have been designed to adapt to the increasing need for bandwidth, safety and efficiency in the market. The MediaConverters of Technica Engineering provide a bi-directional communication, as they can be switched to half or full-duplex mode.

Our portfolio covers chipsets from established vendors like Broadcom, NXP, and Marvell, providing the user with adaptable and flexible devices for their test systems.

Through Technica’ s SFP Modules the user can convert 100BASE-T1 or 1000BASE-T1 to SGMII. With the combination of our products MediaGateway or the Enhanced Ethernet Switch, the user will have an extra Automotive Ethernet port (100 or 1000Base-T1) in an Automotive-grade switch.

Our converters are the first marketed product of their kind. In 2010, we launched the first BroadR-Reach to Ethernet converter. In 2016, we became pioneers in the integration of 1000BASE-T1 in vehicle networks by introducing the first 1000BASE-T1 physical layer converter.

Today, Technica Engineering is in continuous development for these robust products. We have launched two converters with different connectors (MATEnet and H-MTD) to cope with the needs of gigabit Ethernet solutions for the Automotive world. Our solutions for Next-Generation technologies will follow, so stay tuned to our updates!

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