Part Number: PT-1445

SFP+ Module MultiGigabit H-MTD


Product Description

The SFP+ Module MultiGigabit H-MTD is a solution to convert between 2.5/5/10GBASE-T1 Automotive Ethernet and a host high-speed electrical interface at 10Gbps compliant with SFF-8431 standard for SFP+ modules. The device contains a MARVELL MV-3244 A1 (ACACIA) PHY to connect to MultiGigabit automotive ethernet Device Under Test (DUT).

It fits into a standard SFP+ (Small Form-factor Pluggable, SFF-8431) slot and provides a full-duplex Automotive Ethernet interface with an H-MTD connector that can connect to automotive DUTs. It can be plugged into devices with SFP+ support and can be used for Hardware-in-the-Loop (HiL) systems, test benches, etc. 

The SFP+ Module MultiGigabit H-MTD features four DIP switches to define the default configuration at start-up between different modes: 

  • Dip switch no. 1: Master / Slave setting 
  • Dip switch no. 2: 10Gbit/s / Other speed 
  • Dip switch no. 3: 2.5 / 5 Gbit/s 
  • Dip switch no. 4: USXGMII mode 

The module can be used together with other Technica Engineering products, like the Switch-based products, with a seamless integration, for example it can be plugged in Technica Enhanced Ethernet Switch to add multigigabit automotive ethernet capabilities to our product.

The SFP+ Module can also be used with any type of hardware offering a suitable SFP+ slot, and the device also offers an I2C to MDIO gateway feature to any system integrator that needs to extend functionality by directly accessing PHY registers if they desire. It also adds a custom implementation to change the DIP switches default status at run-time so system integrator can change between PHY configurations offered by Technica without needing to access the complete technical information from the PHY manufacturer*.

In compliance with SFF-8472 standard the SFP+ module contains a memory map with device information at I2C address 0xA0, system integrator can identify the TE-1445 device there and make any custom implementations. Technica is happy to support the integration with any different customer systems. You can get in touch with our technical sales team via to discuss your individual use case for this product.

*Complete information about PHY MV-3244 must be acquired under NDA directly from Marvell Technology Inc.

Technical data


  • 1 × DIP switch with 4 positions 
  • 1 × Status-LED 
  • MultiGigabit Automotive Ethernet PHY supporting 2.5/5/10Gbit/s speed grades 
  • H-MTD connector for Automotive Ethernet  
  • Fits into a standard SFP+ slot 
  • Voltage requirements: 3.3 Volt DC 
  • Temperature range: from -40°C to +85°C 
  • Size: 68 × 14 × 14 mm 


  • MultiGigabit Automotive Ethernet 
  • Configuration via DIP switches 
    • Dip switch 1: Master / Slave 
    • Dip switch 2: 10G Gbit/s / other speed 
    • Dip switch 3: 2.5 Gbit/s / 5 Gbit/s  
    • Dip switch 4: USXGMII mode 
  • Supports internal PHY register access. 
  • Supports to change between default configuration modes at run-time via I2C 


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