ANDi (Automotive Network Diagnoser) is a testing and analysis tool which is used for Automotive software and ECUs in every development phase.

The tool is designed to simulate electronic networks, to test components and to analyse test results.

Leading OEMs worldwide trust in Technica´s skills and experience to create next generation E/E architectures.

The major strength of the ANDi tool is in-depth network analysis (of the Automotive bus communication) and testing activities in Automotive networks. ANDi can be used on Windows and Linux PCs.

Our Vision

With ANDi, we are building the most advanced testing tool for the Automotive industry in terms of network analysis. We aim to create a consistent and effective automation of the entire test environment. ANDi supports Technica’ s hardware interfaces (Capture Modules, EES, etc.), as well as thirdparty hardware. It can easily be integrated into existing test and validation processes and toolchains.

Why ANDi?

  • It is a one-stop solution for testing in-vehicle networks

Different components in one unified tool reduce the complexity of testing:

  • Consistent and effective test cases creation
  • Graphical message generation for various bus systems, such us CAN, CAN-FD, LIN, FlexRay communication, and Ethernet.
  • Time-correlated graphical representation of different signals on multiple buses.
  • Capturing and logging message data sent and received over hardware interfaces
  • Capturing and logging of network packets sent and received over a live network connection or from a previously captured log file.
  • Graphical design of use cases and test scenarios. The user can visualize and modify signals and global variables
  • ANDi SDK: Python-based API to use ANDi in any code-based environment
  • Seamless and intelligent data analysis tool to speed up automated testing.

There are three variants of ANDi tool:

ANDi Premium
ANDi Free

Transforming Automotive Testing

Since its initial release in 2010, ANDi has been further developed and optimized by our team to continuously meet all current requirements of automotive testing as an effective, user-friendly framework.

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ANDi Premium

ANDi (Automotive Network Diagnoser) is a testing and analysis tool. The user-friendly framework enables you to simulate electronic networks and test components, even in complex testing environments. ANDi Premium is the full version of the tool containing all features and functionalities. This software requires a license.

ANDi (Automotive Network Diagnoser) is a testing and analysis tool which is used for Automotive software and ECUs in every development phase. ANDi can be used on Windows and Linux PCs.

Our customers can simulate electronic networks, test components, and analyze the results in ANDi. The tool is designed to be a user-friendly framework in the complex technical environment of testing Automotive ECUs, especially when testing is done on the protocol level (SOME/IP, etc.).

ANDi supports and connects many different hardware components such as Technica’ s own hardware interfaces (Capture Modules, EES, etc.) and easily fits into many existing test and validation processes.

The numerous features, extensions and functions implemented in ANDi are well-documented and include the know-how of Technica that derives from many years of developing and testing Automotive networks. Further, any .NET extensions can be imported via the API interface. ANDi can be used in any testing toolchain even without the GUI, using the ANDi SDK (installable via pip install). In conjunction with Python as scripting language, this allows ANDi to cover all kinds of test scenarios, from simple to highly complex ones with powerful/high-performance features. These characteristic attributes in combination with the intuitive and helpful graphical user interface make the ANDi tool stand out as a particularly flexible and user-friendly software. Leading OEMs therefore rely on Technica Engineering’s competencies and experience for the development of next generation E/E architectures.

ANDi Free

ANDi has been evolving and improving, addressing the upcoming challenges faced in testing Automotive technologies. If you want to test ANDi, we would like to give you a sneak peek with our ANDi Free release.

ANDi free is a reduced and free version of our software tool ANDi Premium. It includes the ANDi Traffic Viewer with special interfaces to configure and update our Capture Modules. ANDi free provides an optional configurator tool to re-configure Technica’s Capture Modules.

ANDi Free carries out three main functions: it acts as:

  • A powerful traffic Viewer (capable of capturing and decoding automotive traffic)
  • A Capture Module Configurator
  • A Capture Module Flashing tool
  • And a Clock Controller (allows to set the time of our Capture Modules, checking the time difference  between devices and starting / stopping PTP synchronization)


ANDi SDK is the portable, lightweight ANDi software development kit. This kit comes with a Python® library that allows the use of the ANDi scripting API directly from Python® 3.

ANDi SDK can be used on both Windows and Linux machines

With ANDi SDK you can run our ANDi tool in a “headless” mode:

  • Use the underlying ANDi functions with any IDE
  •  Import ANDi functions in your existing test automation by simply calling them via API
  • Directly import ANDi SDK or needed packages from it in Python® scripts


  • Creating test cases
  • Residual Bus Simulation (RBS)
  • Traffic viewer
  • Improved PCAP Recorder
  • Graphical Panels
  • Script debugging
  • Signal Graphics
  • Use of multiple communication channels at highest performance
  • Math Function
  • PCAP Player
  • File Converter

System Monitor

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